Yes, we all know that no-one (other than mad dogs and Englishmen) wants to venture enthusiatically out into their gardens – it’s cold and wet and rather dull!
But July is a great month to start preparing your garden so that come spring, your garden is ready to flourish.
What one needs to think about at this time of the year is the following:
  • Pruning your roses, sealing the larger cuts and spraying plant and surrounding soil with lime sulphur to kill fungal spores;
  • Prune your hydrangeas and deciduous fruit trees;
  • What about those clogged up water features and ponds – nows the time to clean and service them!
  • Check to see that your irrigation systems are still in working order – especially those of you who switched off your irrigation at the beginning of the rainy season;
  • Start preparing your vegtable garden for planting;
  • Vegtables you can start planting now: Cabbages, Carronts, Broad Beanns, Pea, Tomatoes, Leeks, Raddish and Lettuce;
  • Gutters are a really problem at this time of the year.  You might want to check for fallen leaves – remove these and use them in your garden as mulch!

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Happy Gardening!