Everyone’s looking for low maintenance ideas for the garden and one of the best solutions that I’ve come across is to use ground covers.

They are ideal for a variety of situations such as an alternative to lawns, dry areas without easy access to water, and slopes.

Most ground covers are easy to care for. You don’t have to mow or fertilize as frequently as a lawn and many of them are quite drought resistant.

You would be amazed at the range of plants that are suitable to use as a ground cover. Sometimes it is just a matter of imagining how a plant would look growing en masse or selecting those that are known to spread rapidly. Whatever your growing conditions and design requirements there is a plant suitable for you.

Tread Tolerant

Living is a key word in the phrase “outdoor living space.” It’s an area that’s meant to be enjoyed and used, which means high foot traffic in certain places. High foot traffic leads to bare spots. When a path isn’t appropriate, ground cover plants are the solution.

Creeping Foxglove (Asystasia Gangetica) – Indigenous


A vigorous, spreading perinnial ground cover with dark green foliage and cream-coloured, fragrant, foxglove-like flowers appearing from autumn to spring.  Attracts butterlies to the garden.  This fairly hardy ground cover enjoys full sun and need a medium amount of water.

Stalked Bulbine (Bulbine frutescens) – Indigenous


A vigorous, clump-forming, succulent perennial with spikes of yellow, star-shaped flowers almost throughout the year.  Its leaves are used medicinally.  Drought tolerant and excellent for mass planting.  Also available in orange.

Wonder Lawn (Dichondra repens)


Although not indigenous, this flat-growing, lush green groundcover is neat in appearance and is an excellent lawn substitute in low-traffic areas and shady spots in which normal grass struggles to grow.  It is easily grown from seed at any time of the year, but prefeably spring or autumn.  Ideal for open ground and between stepping stones.