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Get rid of rust-coloured walls made by irrigation water

We at Two Oceans Landscaping have a revolutionary method to remove rust stain from your outside walls made by borehole/wellpoint irrigation!

Does your natural water supply contain excessive amounts of iron, leaving unsightly orange or brown stain all over your walls?

Let […]

We got you covered!

Everyone’s looking for low maintenance ideas for the garden and one of the best solutions that I’ve come across is to use ground covers.

They are ideal for a variety of situations such as an alternative to lawns, dry areas without […]


Horticulturist Gary Bachman for Southern Gardening tell us about Pelergoniums.  Great video for a brief outline of these colourful, hardy plants.

Nature at its best!

Came across these interesting facts which really does renew ones curiosity as well as faith in nature.

Did you know a snail can sleep for three years and ants don’t sleep at all.

There are more insects in one square mile of […]

Spring is nearly here!!!

Home soil test

It is often difficult for novice gardeners to work out exactly what type of soil they have in their garden.  To the inexpert eye, most earth just looks brown and dirty.  Ideally, you want your soil to be a roughly […]

Give that slug a beer!

The only creatures on the planet that seem to like beer more than men are slugs (snails).  Like men, these slimy creatures will often head out under the cover of darkness to find beer, but whereas men have developed an […]

What to do in July…

Yes, we all know that no-one (other than mad dogs and Englishmen) wants to venture enthusiatically out into their gardens – it’s cold and wet and rather dull!

But July is a great month to start preparing your garden so that […]